Maisie Williams Speaks Against Dolphin Hunting.

The 19 year old British born actress hopes to positively influence her over 1.5 million twitter followers to support her cause by speaking against the hunting of dolphins on social media. While she is on a break from filming the sensational fantasy drama she is using her celebrity status to speak out against the atrocities committed against these sea mammals.

As the O`Barry dolphin project ambassador, Maisie is appealing to commercial aquariums to set their dolphins free and for the people to stop buying tickets to the marine shows.

Earlier this December the Game of Thrones star traveled to Taiji, a small fishing town in Japan, notorious for hunting dolphins. Addressing a press conference in Taiji, she explained her intention was not to single out the town or paint Japan in a negative light. She was simply shedding light on a global problem.

Maisie hopes other influential personalities will join her in creating awareness so the change can happen much faster, using image hosting sites and social media accounts to bring more awareness to the cause.

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